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Our Vision;

To be a reliable, high quality, recommended brand and identified as a “design for a appropriate price” and to increase brand awareness.

Our Mission;
To design and present different products and services that add value to the lives of our customers by taking into account the changing needs of our customers with our creative solutions and flexible structure.

Our Values;

Kelebek Problem Solving;
It begins with meeting the needs of customers, continues with reacting before the customer for the happiness of the customer with products and services designed to meet those needs combined with knowledge, competent employees and business partners.

Kelebek Creativity;

It is to be aware of constantly changing needs of customers. Thanks to our constant creativity, we are always perceived as a brand that is different and making things different. We offer products and free will choices that will trigger the creativity of the customer. We value every activity of the customer's life.

Kelebek Reliability;
It is a corporate culture that respects the environment and respects the law from the perspective of society, offers reliable products in terms of price, quality and after sales services to the customers, provides a fair working environment for employees, offers a desirable business for business partners and administration transparency from the perspective of shareholders.

Kelebek Collaboration;
By combining the synergy and knowledge of our employees and shareholders’ together with our common decision-making and application principles, it makes sure that each unit is always ready to make quick and effective decisions and keep us in a strong, dynamic and competent position.

Kelebek Flexibility;
It quickly perceives changing customer needs and competitive conditions, and creates production , sales and marketing strategies in accordance with these.