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HR Resources

Career Policy

With the awareness that the most important element of our company's achievement and development is human resources, our human resources policies are based on the principles outlined below.

To perform employee selection and assignment in accordance with the competence of the task,

To develop the human resources applications to meet the managerial needs that will emerge in line with the growth targets of the company,

To increase the quality of existing human resources in the company; with minimum requirement of undergraduate degree on managerial positions and minimum requirement of high school degree on blue collar positions.

To improve the foreign language knowledge of the white-collar personnel who are needed to work in the company's international human resource in the company, to recruit candidates who speak foreign languages to the company during recruitment,

To provide a working environment for all company employees to use and develop their talents and skills,

To provide company employees with internal and external training and development opportunities according to the company's goals and employee’s career plan,

To provide an environment for communication and team work within the company,

To develop and implement successful incentive and rewarding systems,

To ensure that ethical rules and equal opportunity are applied without exception in all the above statements.