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Career at Kelebek

Career at Kelebek

Career at Kelebek

As Kelebek, we are aware that the most important value that brings us the future and success is human resources and we believe that we can only protect our market share in Turkey and our brand value over the world by the constant development and motivation of qualified human power.

Since the day we are established by the light of the “giving the importance to individual contribution that it deserves” principle, Kelebek’s and Kelebek Human Resources’ main policy has been that to work with a team who are well educated, dynamic, team player, creative, initiative, constantly evolving and understand the benefits of working in Kelebek.

In our rapidly growing business, we define the basic principle of staff selection and placement as having equal opportunity, and the ability to progress, to those who have adopted the Kelebek values ??and who have the knowledge, skills and behavior qualifications required for job definition without any discrimination.

Right now, our most important goal is to increase our employees’ practical and theoretical profession knowledge about their duties, to give them new skills in their duties, to continually increase their productivity by multiplying their individual development, their responsibilities and initiatives to progress.

We intend to increase the level of technical knowledge and skills related to the tasks that our employees are performing with the trainings given in our company and to give them the equipment they need in their next positions in relation to their career plans.